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CEEAAS’ Vision


CEEAAS envisions a renaissance in the education of Black children by normalizing high achievement, social wellbeing, and cultural validation.


CEEAAS’ Mission


CEEAAS’ mission is to: 1) provide demonstration models for schools and teacher education programs (drawing from existing research and literature on educating African American students); 2) conduct research on education of African American students; 3) advocate for African American children and their families; 4) impact and lead policy decisions which affect African American children; and 5) maintain a website with resources on effective education of African American students.





  • Goal 1.  Model exemplary educational practices for African American children via collaboration with public schools, colleges, and universities.

  • Goal 2.  Conduct individual and collaborative cutting-edge research that enables and advances innovative and effective instructional programs, professional practices, and public policy.

  • Goal 3. Serve as a forum for public discourse and debate regarding educational equity issues through seminars, workshops, and courses.

  • Goal 4.  Serve as advocates for African American children and elevate the awareness of their needs, perspectives, and voices.

  • Goal 5.  Influence and lead policies that impact the education of African American children and children.

  • Goal 6. Create and maintain a clearinghouse on information, resources, literature, and research relating to the education of African American children.

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