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  • Equity In Education Conference

  • Online graduate courses

    •      EDTE 776 Educating African American Students     

    •      EDTE 779 Equity Methodologies in Teacher Education

  • 2021 Roundtable Discussion Series  -  Reading, Viewing, Thinking, and Acting

  • Saturday School—K-2nd grade. Focus on African Diaspora Literacy. [Coming soon]

  • Urban School Collective­—Ongoing professional development with elementary schools by Early Childhood Education Faculty for the Urban Cohort

  • CEEAAS Teachers. Teachers who are using culturally relevant pedagogy (CRP) from elementary, middle, and secondary levels across disciplines. Photos of Teachers and bios. 

  • African American P-12 Student Forums, Book Studies, and Film Discussions [Coming soon]

  • Research Projects [Coming soon]

  • Kamtok Project (in Cameroon)

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